H1b Visa Stamping query (may 2023)

I have a US visa stamping drop box appointment in
May 2023 on my current I 797A(H1B class)
(Valid till july 2023) . After scheduling the appointment ,
I got an extension from the same employer with a new I 197A(H1B class)
(Valid from july 2023 to july 2026) . My
planned return date of travel to USA is Aug 2023

Can you please let me know If i can submit
extension documents along with current I 797A with same DS 160 ?
fill new DS 160 with extension details and update it in usa travel docs website along with new petition details

Just fill out new DS-160 with the recent I-797 detail and update it in travel docs or call VFS and they can help update.
Make sure you carry the copy of old and new DS-160 to your appointment.


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Thanks for the response . I can fill new ds 160 and update its confirmation number in usatraveldocs.

I provided the petetion receipt number in traveldocs while scheduling the appointment , should i ask them to change it to new one ? or just updating the ds160 confirmation will do ?

Yes, call them and have them update.