H1B Visa stamping - Queries on Client Letter etc

Hi… I got my H1B visa petition approved effective from Oct 01-2013 to Sep 2016, just completed the DS 160 form not yet submitted though, was getting ready to take an interview appointment with the Chennai consulate.

I realized that there is a mismatch in my actual profile and the client letter. The petition copy mentions I am a Programmer Analyst and does not speak anything about my roles and responsibilities that I will be performing in the US.

Actually I am a Techno Commercial Manager where as the client letter talks about my roles and responsibilities as a Java J2EE developer which I am not, and even my resume does not talk anything about Java J2EE development I am a Project Manager/ Program Manager involved in project coordination on software product and tools development, technology consulting, engagement management, monitor and evaluate employee performance, Risk management, Day to day review and management of deliverables, People Management, etc.

Now, pls help me to understand

a). Will the visa interviewer have a copy of my resume? can the interviewer refer to my previous work related information from documents submitted during the previous visa and extensions?

1). If this will have an impact when I go for the interview, if Yes, how will it impact me?

2). If I prepare well on the Java J2EE as mentioned in the client letter, will it be okay to face the interview?

3). Even if I do well in the interview and if the consulate officer rejects my visa citing difference in my resume as compared to client letter what will be the impact on my future visa chances?

Request you to kindly suggest the best way out of this situation.

Important information: I have already lived and worked in the US from April 2008 to April 2011 on L1 B visa, my extension was denied and I had come back to India, now I got my visa approved for H1B through a different employer.

I would sincerely appreciate your help here. Thanks

a, 1. Usually they don’t have access to the resume submitted to USCIS, but may ask for your resume copy to go through it. He can also ask for work experience letters to see your qualification. They don’t do line by line match of the requirements and qualification and look at it a high level. However, if they have suspicion they may ask for clarification and decide to ask extra questions.

  1. The interviewer will not be well versed in Java J2EE. But s/he may ask general questions to gauge your confidence level.

  2. Usually, it doesn’t.