H1B Visa stamping procedure at Mumbai Consulate

Hey guys,

I got my petition for my H1B approved in July and am already in the US since I have been on my OPT. I am flying to India in November and was unsure of the visa stamping procedure. I have only a couple of weeks of paid time off but the mumbai consulate & VFS center is closed for 4 of the 10 days that I am in India (diwali and thanksgiving). I will be travelling from the 10th to 24th of november.

I know at the Mumbai consulate documents have to be submitted in person a few days before the interview at the VFS center. I dont remember what exactly the procedure was when I had gone for my F1 application and if anyone could help me out with the time frames involved with the process I would really appreciate it. Also do I need to visit the VFS center in person to submit the required documents or can that be done by someone else on my behalf? Thanks!