H1B visa stamping ..probable 221g

Hi, I completed my MS and PhD this year and I am working for a reputed company. I have received my H1B approval and form I-797. I want to visit India in Jan 2017 and therefore shall need to appear for H1B interview for visa stamping.

During my F1 visa interview I got 221g and had to wait for 2 months. I anticipate 221g this time as well.

Further, I shall be married to an Indian girl around Sept 2017 and I have to apply for my wife’s H4 visa. Am I going to get 221g again. Do I need to be with my wife during H4 interview or she can apply independently?

The reason I am concerned is that I do not want to get 221g twice & stay in India for (2+2) months.

Is there a reason you are expecting a 221g this time? You have an advanced degree and it appears you are working for a reputed employer. Your application already passes the H1B pre-test. Regarding your wedding plans, H-4 visas are rarely a concern. Please note that a lot of H1B related questions will become clear after January 4th when the new administration takes office. Mr. Jeff Sessions has spoken openly about his opinion on H-1B visas; we need to wait and watch how that situation unfolds.

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have heard that once one gets 221g there is a high probability to get it again. I am not sure about this. Do you advise that I should plan travel after new administration comes to office so that I do not get stuck? Isnt it Jan 20 when new admin will take office?