H1b Visa Stamping on New Passport

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need one suggestion please,

i `m in India and got my H1B approved, initially during filling of my H1 employer submitted with old passport (due to expire in one year). Now i have an approved H1 petition but my passport is set expiry in 5 months.

my company want`s me to complete stamping process. Can i apply new passport and go for stamping ? will this be fine because old passport is set to expire in 5 months many people are advising me to go for stamping with new passport.

can some please help me on this will there be any conflict if i go to stamping with new passport ? or its fine to go with new passport.

It is totally fine to go for stamping using new passport. Passport is just an identification document and required for international travel.

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@Kalpesh_Dalwadi Thank you

Hello @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

I am in a similar situation, where my passport is being re-issued and I have to reschedule my previous h1b drop box appt, do you know if I can attend the interview with old DS-160 and Appt which has my old passport details?

You should submit a new DS-160 and update the DS-160 number in the appointment.

ok, but my previous appointment doesn’t show the reschedule option and I cannot edit my passport details, so I closed the old application and creating a new application in the new US Visa portal. Would this cause an issue? having multiple H1B applications in my profile? (though the previous one is closed)

No issues with multiple DS-160, latest is used for appointment.