H1B visa stamping next week. Please help!!!

Hello everyone, Let me tell you something about my story. This is my 1st H1B petiton which has been filed by my employer and got approved at vermont center. My employer filed my LCA at the eastcoast too and got certified.

Here is my problem. I am about to show in an H1B visa stamping next week along with my spouse H4. I am a bit worried though for the reason that i will be assign to work in a different location (client location) in california. What are the chances that VO will ass why my LCA in eascoast but work location is in california. Do i need to amendment for new LCA & H1? But how can i do that since my stamping is next wk? Is there a chance VO will deny my visa & my wife H4?

PLEASE HELP!!! I have been posting my questions maybe 5x now in different site but no one care to giv eme feedback. I appreciate if you can help ùe. Thank you.