H1B Visa Stamping Interview - Base salary decreased after H1B petition is approved


I’m currently working in India for a company. I have an approved H1B petition to work for the same company in the US. I am going to attend visa stamping interview at US consulate.

The offer letter based on which my H1B petition was approved is almost 1 year old. So, I requested a my employer for a revised offer letter. The new offer letter quotes a base salary that is $5K less than the previous offer letter. I have confirmed with my attorney that this decrease in base salary does not change my wage level and my LCA, H1B petition are still valid.
Also, even though my base pay has decreased my total compensation has increased because the value of RSUs granted in the new offer is greater than the value of RSUs granted in the previous offer.

I’m worried if this will raise any red flags during my H1B visa stamping interview at the consulate. Does anyone have any advice for me in this situation? Has anyone been in this situation before?