H1B visa stamping in USA

Hi, my question is if I am an Indian citizen living in the United States, can I apply for H1B visa renewal from the USA. Or I have to go to India and then apply.
I qualify for all the criteria for in-person interview waiver which is recently introduced by USCIS.
Please let me know. Will truly appreciate!

You can definitely apply and schedule the appointment while you are in the US.

Thanks for your prompt response Kalpesh. My question is, if the visa renewal can be stamped in the USA instead of me going to India for stamping.
My primary residence is in the United States for few years. I read in the article that if your primary residence is in the USA then you can you can get visa stamped in here itself rather going to home country or any other country for stamping.

Only US embassy/consulates can issue visas.