H1B Visa Stamping in India


I’m from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. My H1B petition was approved for 2015.
One of my friend said to go Mumbai or Delhi for stamping because Hyderabad and Chennai has more rejections. Can onyone please advice to which consulate I should go for stamping?

If VO asks this question what is the correct anwser to reply?
Why have u applied from Mumbai/Delhi/kolkata? when you are a resident of Andhra pradesh ?

Thank you!

Hi Murali,

I’m not sure, but from my experience I’d suggest going to a Chennai or a Mumbai.

Hyderabad - lots of H1b interviews, and specifically for contracting companies - so there are higher chances of unnecessary questions by the VO.

Delhi - lots of students visas are being processed, so again the VO might get irritated.

If the VO asks why are you choosing a specific location - you can mention that you have to travel soon and you were not getting interview slots at other locations (this is a very valid scenario)

All the best!