H1B Visa Stamping in Hyderabad


Need a advise/Suggesion on below situation:


I came to US on F1 in 2006 Jan and coverted to H1B in 2008 for Employer A. Then i transfered my H1B to Employer B (Billion Dollar company). I went for Visa stamping for H1B in 2009 november with Employer B I797and got approved till 2012 Jan. Again Employer B applied for extension for remaining H1b period and i got approved till Sept 30 2014. But in June 2012 i transfered to the employer C (10 employees, only 1 H1b and rest all 9 US citizens) and i got extension till 2014 Sept 30.

When i changed employer C which is consulting firm, EMployer B asked me to work for them on Corp to Corp. So my H1b is with Employer C and working for Empoyer B.


I am planning for India Trip in Sept 1st 2013. How are my chances for H1B Visa stamping with Employer C as only 1 year left. And my Greencard is also in PERM process.

Please advise whether i need to postpone my trip or still plan it???


As you are now working for consulting company, the visa officer may want to look into company’s financial stability, client/project letter and/or employer-employee relationship.

Like w/ any stamping, have contingency plans.