H1B visa stamping in Canada vs Mexico

Hey Forumites:

I work as a Scientist in a Biopharma (cancer drug discovery). I need to get my passport stamped. I have previously owned H1Bs. I would like to know if going to Canada or Mexico can be risky due to administrative processing / background checks. Please let me know your experiences.


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That’s a constant concern. There is no way to say that one would definitely run into administrative processing or not. I have both positive and negative stories to share related to your question. I know someone in biotech who ran into 221g even though her previous H-1 stampings were approved for same employer without any issue. And then, I know someone in biotech who has never faced it.

As long as you have back-up plans in case things turn sour, you should be ok. I know its not the perfect answer you were looking for.