H1b Visa Stamping-Hyderabad,India : Need Help

Hi Experts,

I was given 221g White slip at the end of the interview and a questionairre was emailed. Replied back the questionairre to the US consulate Hyderabad.  Here are the below details of my [b]first H1-b[/b] visa stamping interview.  Called DSO in June 2012 and still under processing as per latest update.

[b]Date of interview:[/b] September 09, 2011

[b]Place of Interview:[/b] Hyderabad

[b]Current Status:[/b] Under Administrative processing (221g white slip)

If I request for my passport, will they terminate my processing/deny my H1b visa. I want to look out for opportunities temporarily in Dubai. Also, what do i tell the consulate as the reason for passport request. Please advice.

Hello Ibrahim,

You got the visa stamped?

Generally, there are some problems with common muslim names. What reason consular told to you at the time of interview?

Update more details.

Hi .

Not yet. Still waiting. But requested my passport back…Recently got a contract job in Saudi Arabia. Waiting for job visa…Will work until I get the US visa and then travel back to US

Administrative process took more than an year?? that’s too bad.
Which area you working? If not personal, please post some details of yours.

I worked as RF engineer contractor. My company is MobileComm Professionals Inc…which has its branches atleast in 7 countries.
Its been so frustrating to wait for such a long time and still pending…gosh

what’s your qualification?