H1B Visa Stamping Experience @ Kolkata Consulate (After H1b Transfer Rejection)


My H1B Transfer (Filed by Company A) was rejected and H1B from previous company (Company B) had also expired. Company A again filed my H1B on consular processing and was approved. Below is my experience for the stamping of this visa @ Kolkata consulate in September 2018:

At Kolkata Consulate

  • My appointment was at 09:00AM at Kolkata consulate.
  • Arrived at the consulate at 08:30AM and stood in line outside.
  • The security started letting us in shortly where we had to go thru a security (just like airport). Make sure not to bring any electrical devices with you.
  • After clearing security, I was directed to go to a building to join the others (kind of a waiting room).
  • Here, an admin instructed to keep just the Passport, DS-160 confirmation page, I-797 and Appointment confirmation page in hand and rest in the file.
  • Around 09:00AM I was again in line to go to the building where the actual interview was taking place. I was called to Window 4.

Visa Interview

Here how the interview went:

Me: Good Morning ma’am.

VO: Good morning, how are you?
Me: M pretty good, how are you?

VO: I’m good, so you are here for H1 visa?
Me: Yes ma’am (passed the passport and documents thru the window)

VO: I will be back (she goes somewhere and comes back after ~5minutes but I felt like an hour!)
VO: So what company are you working at?
Me: I was working at company A in NJ as a XYZ position.

VO: I see your visa transfer was denied in June. Is this the same company?
Me: Yes, before this I was working at Company B and in March, Company A filed for my H1B transfer and I started working for the new company. But when the transfer was rejected I stopped working. However the company made some mistakes during filing and now when they have a new position opened, they filed a new H1B petition.

VO: What’s your job responsibilities?
Me: Answered.

VO: What does this company do?
Me: Answered.

VO: What company you worked for before this one?
Me: I was with Company B for X years until March.

VO: What was your role in the previous company?
Me: Answered.

VO: Your work location is mentioned NJ, are you fine with it?
Me: Actually my home is also in NJ and have been living there since X years and that’s why it works best for me.

VO: ok your visa is granted as your passport will be delivered as per selection you made with the agency.
Me: thanks a lot ma’am :smile:

I was out of the consulate at 09:40AM.


  • Be confident
  • Provide clear answers
  • Keep smiling
  • Always keep eye contacts

Good luck!


Congratulations @kpopat01 !
Thank you so much for sharing with community. Appreciate it !