H1B Visa Stamping enquiry


I work in USA with a valid H1B Petition. Im not getting stamping dates in India for H1B stamping. Is Mexico or Canada open for H1B stamping?

Thank you

Is this first time stamping?

Hi…for me it’s not first time. I changed company and this is on the extension. My old visa got expired. I have a valid petition. For my husband, he switched back to H1 after he finished PhD. Previously he had H1 and converted to F1 to do PhD

Ok, you should go through the below link if you haven’t already. In your case it is same visa class while your husband is a change of status.

Unless you have absolute need for travel outside of the US, I wont recommend taking the risk of visa stamping even if you get lucky booking an appointment at Mexico or Canada US consulate.

If you or your spouse get 221g you may get stuck in a 3rd country for few weeks to several month, risk not worth taking.