H1B-visa stamping- Company Appointment letter misplaced

Hi, I have my H1B appointment scheduled next week.

My company appointment letter have misplaced and my company is refusing to provide me the original document or on company letter head and only providing me the soft copy.

Other option is they can either provide me with employment certificate with one liner stating that i am working in their company since that day.

Please advice will it work. Thanks in advance



Yes, a letter from HR in the company’s letter head stating your position name, salary and date of employment , with a contact person’s name, number, e-mail(HR/ Manager) should work.

Thanks Ramanan256 for your answer.

But it doesn’ty contain any of my salary details. My current salary is mentioned in BEP letter.

will it be fine?

I do have one more concern.

I had my name spellings wrong in my bechelors marksheet. I or none of my employers didn’t notice it earlier but at time of applying a visa. But at that time i send it as it is and my petition got approved…:P… Now i got it corrected and have the correct marksheet with me. Now my employer gave me all required papers (BEP, I-797, LCA)along with copies of all docs i provided at that time for visa appointment. Now should i give the copy of older one or correct one…or to tell only if VO ask me something related to that…I don’t know if they will be submitting any docs now or if not then why my employer gave me bunch of docs containing xerox copies of all my docs attached with I-797.

Please guide me.


You can carry your recent payslips to show your salary, but your Indian salary is not really relevant for H-1 visa stamping. As for marksheet, carry both the documents and if the officer asks about it then explain the discrepancy to him. I don’t think it will be a big issue.