H1B Visa stamping asked to return Home country


Here is my situation H1B 7th year extension (based on my I140 approval got three years of extension)

Attended the Visa interview in Matamoras,Mexico on 19th of September. Consular Officer told me that they did not have any information of my employer and asked me to go back to your home country and try there.

First question that he asked me was there is some problems with your employer

He has verified my all I797 approvals from Beging of my H1b ( i have worked with two other emplyers prior to current employer)

Also verfied my 2011 W2

No 221g form issued but I saw that he took my DS 160 application confirmation page and wrote 221g on that. I specifically asked are you going to give me any case number or confirmation page that I need what additional information that you are looking in my case. 

Also VO did not do anything with in my passport he kept my expired visa as is and nothing has been written on the back of my passport.


VO clearly told that  your visa is not rejected it is better if you attend in your home country as they might have better infformation than us and he said he will update in the system with the details.

I don't have any idea what he is going to update in the System.

I was returned back to US on temperory I94 ( valid for a Month ) I have to leve to India in a month and attend for stamping in India.

My question is which consulate do i need to go Hyderabd/Chennai (these are close to my home town) ?

Do I need to pay my visa fee again ?  And what is the next step i need to do before appearing for interview in India.?

I appreciate your advices. Please help me on this.