H1B visa stamping appointment reschedule - Toronto Canada


I have my appointment scheduled on May 12th 2014 for my H1B visa stamping at Toronto, Canada. But I’m still waiting for my passport to arrive from Canada Immigration for the visitor visa which I’m expecting this week end.

I was trying to reschedule incase if the visitor visa got delayed, but the next available appointment it says available by October 7th 2014 only this year. But inorder to see the calender, I need the cancel the current one and need to look up calender for the actual available appointment. I want to know, is there a possiblity that appointments may be avaiable prior to October this year.

Because I feel the system message won’t show if there is any adhoc dates available even prior to that, it is just showing the empty whole slots when it opens. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I have to return to India by September, but before that I’m planning to get my visa stamped in Canada Toronto.

Appreciate anybody’s input on this.