H1B Visa stamping appointment india - Dropbox Options, Dates Opening


I am planning for a vacation to India in December 2020, and I have already submitted my DS160 application for visa drop box appointment in Chennai location.
While booking the drobox appointment I could see it is available only for November month and nothing is available for December.

  1. Is it something booking is not opened for drobox appointment in December? When it will be open for December?
  2. I booked appointment for Nov 20, 2020 since that is the one date available now. Is it possible to cancel it and book again once December is open? How many times I can cancel and reschedule the drobox appointment?
  3. Also I am currently in USA, I switched my employer from A to B in April 2020 and did an amendment for location change in Sep 2020. I am planning to do the stamping with the petition approved amended petition in Sep2020. Will my situation comes under the below category
    Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to the U.S. Labor Market Following the Coronavirus Outbreak

It will be appreciated if you help me with the above question.


  1. They are not opening slots for everything. They are offered in few numbers due to COVID. You would not know as there is no pattern…just need to login to see
  2. If you cancel it, it can be hard. In general for normal stamping, you maybe able to reschedule up to 5 times…but, it may be different for Dropbox. Check with UStraveldocs on this once.
  3. If you were in US on the day of proclamation, you may not be subject to the proclamation. You can write to the consulate and get it clarified to be safe.

Do update on your case status.

My situation is somewhat similar. I changed my employer in Sep 2020 and I have an approved petition with the new employer. I need to visit India for an emergency. Is it possible to get dropbox appointments and get the visa stamping done? I was in the US on the day of proclamation. Please let me know if you were able to get the stamping done, it will help answer my query too.

Hey, i cancelled my vacation since i saw some thing like this and i am not eligible for visa stamping:

If you filed an H1B transfer or an amendment after June 22, 2020, and now want to return to the US, then, you are not allowed until the ban is active.

I am wondering why you cancelled instead of postponing return date to beyond Dec 31 when ban becomes inactive ?