H1B Visa Stamping after 2 years of H1B Approval

My name is Akash and I need your suggestions. I have a valid approved H1B - Oct 2016 - Sept 2019 petition but not stamped till date. Due to some reasons I wasn’t able to stamp it in 2017, now I want to stamp it. All H1B related documents are with me like Old Client letter, Original H1B petition letter and other supporting docs.

Please suggest me which documents I need to keep while going for Visa stamping and is it valid to go for stamping after a gap of 2 years from approval.

Also suggest me what should I tell to VC while stamping if he asks me why I didn’t stamped in 2017.

Appreciate your time.

You may need to get a new client letter, project details, that are latest. Have enough proof to show that there is a valid project and dependency for you to be in USA.

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