H1B Visa Stamping 2013 -Chennai ,HYD ,Delhi ?

Hello Friends,

                     I am posting this Question out of my curiosity i hope who all are waiting for there H1b's approvals for them result will be out soon ,and now the final thing left over is attending the VISA , when i search in google with the following query i.e H1B Visa stamping in INDIA 2013 i see search results where people are posting there experience tat they have attended the VISA stamping in chennai ,HYD etc,,,in present year i.e 2013 sites like  , i do agreee with the fact that saurabh and Admins have worked hard to create the platform like these , Infact by these time atleast 10 % of ppl who got their H1B's approved  from INDIA might have attended the VISA stamping but i hardly see any1 posting there experience except the thread which saurabh has posted ,sorry if my question makes u feel that i am dumb but my point over here is any1 or collegues of u or ur  frnds have been to stamping ? if it is then share there experience ,ppl like me who are for the first time attending it for them it might help.. thanks hope for my above Que i dont see any controversial comments which anyhow will not help me or any1 ,

We have quite a few experiences posted on the blog, please check out the articles under section : H1B Visa Immigration Visas Experiences

I will re-group all the experiecnes under one section so that user can see them at one place...