H1B Visa Stamped, Need to Travel on H4 Vssa


My wife has recently got her H1B Visa stamping done from India. However her current employer has not allocated any projects till now. She is planning to be on LOA for sometime and travel US on H4 Visa.

We have following concerns

  1. At the time of H4 Visa interview, will the officer cancel / invalidate her already stamped H1B visa.

  2. If her employer finds a project does she need to travel back India and come back US on H1B or can the employer apply for COS from H4 to H1B

  3. Does her H1B petition comes in risk if we apply for H4 Visa.

  1. Yes, there is a possibility that they will cancel H-1 visa stamp (not the petition just the visa stamp)

  2. Both options are available

  3. No risk. Even if H-1 visa stamp is canceled, she can get another stamping in future. In addition, there is no impact on the previously approved petition.