H1B visa stamp in maiden name and new passport with married name.

My wife got her H1B stamped recently in her maiden name. It’s valid till 2015

She is scheduled to travel to US in December 2013.

She already has her SSN in her maiden name as she came back from US in June 2013 and got her new visa stamped in July 2013 with maiden name.

Now, we are planning to get a new passport for her with married name (change in surname).

Could you pleas tell will there be any issues in travelling to US with new passport - married name with old passport - maiden name - visa stamp in maiden name?

After reaching US, can she get her SSN changed based on her new India passport - married name?

This has been responded in the main blog.

She can travel to US using the new passport, old passport, petition and visa stamp. She should also get H-1 amendment filed to correct the name in the 797. Ask your attorney if it should be done now or when it is time to file for extension.


For SSN name change, refer to http://ssa-custhelp.ssa.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/315