H1B visa sponsors for non IT domains

I am currently on H4 in the US for couple of months now. I have worked in India for 6+ years in the BPO indutry. I want to convert H4 to H1 this april. My question are there any sponsors for my background. If yes, then kindly suggest and help me as soon as possible.

When you say BPO - are you referring to voice support? I don’t think voice support is a job specialized enough for H-1.

H-1 is only for jobs that require at least 4 years of US college degree. It is not a requirement for call center support specialists to have that degree.

Thank you Saurabh for your response. I am not referring to voice support. I am however referring to back office support.
Like IT in back office too we interact and communicate with clients through email and work on their tasks within the specified SLA (Service level agreement). We do have several clients applications access on their request to complete the tasks. I hope this answer helps

I suggest looking up for similar positions online. Then look at their job requirements. If those requirements say that a 4 years college degree is required, then H-1 may be filed; otherwise it cannot be.

There is also a strong possibility that USCIS may issue RFE against the application to get clarification if a college degree is required and why. So your employer will have to document what skills are required for the H-1 job, and how they are learned only through 4 years college degree.

As for searching employers, there is an article on the main blog which lists ways to find employers.

Thanks Saurabh.
I would like to add up on your above skills and the college degree/eligibilty for H1 which I observed by visiting my h1visajobs.com. It says if you possesses a 3yrs bachelor degree beyond 12 yrs of high school. If so do you have at least 3 years of experience with progressively increasing responsibilities in an area related to your education or in an area in which you are seeking employment? Which means I am eligible for H1 Just that I need to hunt for employers and check with them. Correct me if I am wrong?

What that means is that a job requires 4 years Bachelors degree, but if you have 3 years of education, then you need at least 3 years of progressive work experience in the related field for each missing year of education. It doesn’t mean that the job requires 3 years degree.

So for H-1, the job should require 4 years degree and if it does, then you can use your degree and relevant work experience to get the equivalent.