H1B Visa RFE documents (End-Client Letter/SOW)


My H1B Petition was filed with USCIS on 1-Apr-13 through 
my present company for
the client XXXXX and presently
i am not with the same client.
Last week i have received RFE mail from USCIS and asking me to 
produce following documents .

1) End-Client Letter.
2) Contract.
3) Statement of Work.

As if i am not with the same client
how can i produce the above documents to USCIS.
How can i come across the issue or can i produce any 
other documents instead of above documents.

Plz help me in this




Is your RFE clearly asks for those letters and SOW? If you have RFE about employee employer relationship, those documents are not mendatory (I come to know few weeks back, thanks to Saurabh).

Anyway as I know if you got RFE and by the time your client has been changed either you have to take chance by sending whatever document you can gather or ask your attorny to file an ammendement with new LCA for new job location. One of my friend has same case and his emplyer filed new LCA and ammendement.

Hi sir,

Many thanks for the inputs.

Can you tell me the process of filing an ammendement with new LCA for new job location? Can this be done at the petition stage?

Please help.