H1B Visa revoked. What is the process later to go back to US? Do I need to go through Lottery again or Not?


Can any one please let me know,

I came back to India on August 2016 due to personal reasons. My Visa is valid up to September 2016 and I got an new extension with same employer up to Aug 2018. So, if my employer revoked my H1B Visa:

  1. My extension will be also get revoked? and

  2. In future, if I want to go back to US again with same or new employer, what will be the process? Whether I need to go through the lottery process again?

Please provide your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in Advanced.

  1. Yes, the employer may revoke the extended petition

  2. They would have to file a cap-exempt petition for you using previous approval as reference. No need to go through the lottery again.

Thanks for the information.