H1b visa revoked by USCIS while travelling to US in Layover airport.Can i go for a H1b tranfer??

While travelling to US in layover my visa is revoked by an official saying please contact USCIS.

My employer is still not available to comment on this. Can I transfer my H1B to a new employer? and my visa is still revoked
but i have a valid H1b approval notice and never travelled to US now.

what if in case my employer revokes my I797. Can i apply for H1 Tranfer? Will i be h1b cap exempt if I797 is revoked?

what about my revoked visa? Can any new employer transfer my h1b ?
What would be the options you can suggest??

I would suggest talking to a good immigration attorney about your case. You need to know why the visa was revoked. If they revoked it w/ prejudice there might be an accompanying ban from US.