H1B visa renewal applied by employer; Success rate of getting it stamped

Hi Saurabh,

My friend works for MNC (XY company here in US) came on H1B visa sponsored by them in march 2013. The visa was valid till Dec 2013 and extension is applied by XY company . we are yet to hear on the response.

I am sure the extension goes smooth as everything is perfect. he had been working with the same firm from the past 7 years in INDIA and every thing is legal.

Once the renewal is approved by USCIS; if he travels to INDIA ( for marraige) in March 2014 I think he has to go for stamping again.

What is the success rate of getting this H1B Visa stamped.? Please advice.

Each case is different and we can not generalize on the success rate. If all the documents are accurate then the success rate for the case goes high. If the employer/client, work location, salary, roles everything is same during the time of extension, then your friend can opt for IWC(Interview Waiver Program). In IWP one needs to go thru only the biometrics and drop off the passport and the consulate will stamp it without the interview.

Thank you so much Ankit. I would ask him to check with his employer on this option of IWP.

In his case; employer / client , work location ,salary , roles are same even during the extension process. His extension is in progress now and has been on the same job and role with same client ever since he came US.

Thank you.

Hi All,

He did return after marriage in May 2014 . His visa is stamped . Thank you all.