H1B Visa renewal after a vey long time...


I really appreciate for your time and support.


I worked on H1B during 2006-2007 and I went back to India in Mar-2007.  My H1B was expired in Oct-2008 and my employer didn't apply for any extenstion. Now I came to US on L1B in Jan-2011 still continuing with same employer with different client.


1. Can I apply for my old H1B extenstion with premium processing in Feb-2013 ?

2. If my old H1B is not valid , can I apply for new one in APR-2013, is that effect my new H1B visa ?

3. I already applied for my L1B visa extenstion, is this effect my H1B visa ?

  1. You may be able to. It was filed closed to 6 years ago. Usually when it is within last 6 years, its a no-brainer. But w/ anything more than that, you can still try but it is up to the officer reviewing the file.

  2. Irrespective of whether you can or cannot make use of the old petition, you can definitely have it filed in the new cap in April 2013.

  3. It will start the race scenario - the petition that is approved later will determine your final status. Also, when is your I-94 expiring? If it is expiring prior to Oct 1, then success of H-1 COS approval will depend upon L-1 extension approval.