H1b Visa Reform Rules 2013 and Job Transfer?



I am currently on H1b visa and looking for job transfer.

I would like to know :-

1. Effects of new 2013 H1b Visa reform bill on H1b Transfer to another company.

2. Is it safe to join small/mid level Consulting firm where most of employees are on H1b as per new 2013 bill?


Thanks a lot for the information provided.






It’s still a bill, so a lot can change. My answers are based on current version which has passed the Senate.

  1. You now get 60 day grace period to look for new job

  2. There is additional fees on H-1 dependent employers. Lot of these companies have folks only on H-1 and may have to incur huge costs. Although fees need to be paid by the employer, that doesn’t stop such companies to pass on the expense to their H-1 employees.