H1B Visa Period Calculation


On 23-Sep-2015 my H1B got stamped in Chennai and having validity till 23-Jul-2018 (this date is calculated based on I-797.

I have few questions on the visa duration.

  1. As i got visa based on I-797 dates, still as i eligible for 6 years stay in US.

  2. If yes to 1 then how to calculate the duration as i am not travelling immediately and based on project requirement i might travel during April/May 2016, hence my total duration will starts from the day i land in USA or from the day my passport got stamped visa.

  3. My current visa is processed to city Houston and client X, if i want to travel to city Atlanta and client Y. Do i need to perform amendment before travel to USA and how long that will take and what is total cost for that.

  4. If i change the company before travel to US and how to transfer my visa before employer revoke the same. If employer revoke my visa still i can get visa transfer to another company ?

  5. Do i need to go again for stamping if i change employer before travel to USA.

Kindly answer this questions and this will be helpful for me to proceed further.



  1. Yes

  2. It depends on the day you enter US.

  3. yes… According to recently changed policies, you have to file amendment.

  4. you can apply for h1 transfer and move on… in general no one would revokes as it involves some money to apply for revoke and it impact their future business too

  5. yes…you have to

Thanks Jathin for your response.