H1B visa not getting approved in interview, issuing 221 slip.

Folks, I have been hearing that many interviews are not going through and issued 221 form.

Do anyone know why is this happening? I have my interview scheduled next week and I’m afraid that if it happens with me also :frowning:

Embassy is asking people to submit few docs such as SOW, resume, etc again.

Do we need to appear for interview again after submitting the docs?

As long as you have the required documents and proper answers to the question that interviewer may ask, you need not to worry at all. Be confident while appearing. Dont worry much about other things what ever you are hearing.

Good luck!

these rumours/experiences have been going on or years. you should concentrate on your individual petition and what you will answer in your interview - job responsibilities, employer-client relationships etc.

I got issued 221g white slip today at Mumbai consulate. They have asked for petitioner docs to be sent on email. All of my company’s H1B are going on hold, not sure why!
How much time does it take to clear the white slip hold??