H1B Visa Maxout


My H1B is will maxout on 15Jun2017, i am in process of joining a new employer, i guess best case they would start my PERM processing is by March 1st week, will this timeline be fine for me to submit my PERM,I-140 and get approval before May 2017?

I know its an hypothetical question, what is the chances of i am making thro?



Your H-1 can be extended beyond June 2017 if either of the following happens:

  • Your PERM and I-140 are approved (allows for 3 year extension)

  • Your PERM is approved and I-140 is pending (allows for 1 year extension)

  • Your PERM is pending for more than 365 days (allows for 1 year extension)

If PERM is applies in Mar 2016, you should be able to get the extension even if it remains pending