H1B Visa lottery Selected - can I start working only in 2021?

Hello there,

my H1B was selected and is under RFE now (we submited the RFE in December 31). Do you know how long should it take for us to get a response?

Also, I’m still unsure about the working conditions so I might not accept it depending on a lot of things. If I get approved, do you know how long I can wait until getting the stamp and starting? Does this visa expire somehow or I can start working only in 2021, for example, if I want to?

Last, I filled the case as a foreign but I moved to the US under another visa during the H1B process. Should I notify the UCSIS about it now or not?


Well, there is no SLA as such. If you want faster response, you should upgrade to premium processing.

You can go for stamping anytime, there is no rule as such. There are two things visa stamping and petition approval. Once your petition is close to expiration, they can file extension.

no need to notify USCIS. If you want to change your visa status to H1B from your current visa, then you would file Change of status application with USCIS.