H1b visa is stamped and valid till sep 2020, but travel denied at Port of Entry

Hi Team

Here is my situation. I have an approved H1b visa stamped on april 2018 and valid till sep 2020. Now last day i had traveled to US (same city what’s mentioned in the LCA), but during the immigration check at Abudabi, they denied my travel asking two questions

  1. Why you didn’t travel after stamping the visa on april 18. I replied because of my personal issues i couldn’t travel that time and i was waiting for the next opportunity. Officer asked why this was not informed to embassy.
  2. In my company offer letter, its mentioned I am being transferred to my company in US (my company has got office in india as well as US). Officer said if you are transferring then you need L1 visa.

Because of this they didn’t do the immigration clearance and i was told to return and contact the embassy about this.

I need guidelines on this. I will get the correct offer letter from my company stating i’ve resigned from company in home country and joining onsite company. Will that be sufficient.
How to proceed on this further

please help me with your valuable advice/suggestion


What date did you exactly travel to US and got stopped at Abu Dhabi ?
Did you sign any forms ?
Are you still with the same company ? What did your company say ?