H1B visa interview

Hello Friends,

on 16th Dec am going for H1B visa interview at mumbai consulate, does any one has had a experience for in house project visa interview at Mumbai,if yes please share your experience.

Read the last 10 posts there are multiple interview descriptions for Mumbai and in-house. That should help you.

which 10 points ? can you please post the same here …

and i have all the supporting documents in my hand… like original I-797, I-129, LCA, DS 160 conformation, Tax documents ,all project related documents,one big file of documents which are given to USCIS while applying the petition. company structure document, – please let me know if anything is required.

Guys please post here with your experience. its help me a lot to get my visa,


Hello Suman,
Best of luck and all the best for you. My date is also scheduled at Mumbai consulate on 8 the Jan.
I cam across with multiple websites like path2usa and immihelp. there lot of posts are there . please go thru it before appearing the interview.

Please share your experiences