H1B Visa Interview Without Client Letter & Project Details

Hi All,
I will be having visa interview on 15-Dec-2015 @ Hyderabad consulate. I have received all documents from my employer except client letter & project details.
I asked employer about client letter /project details,but they said none of documents required any of these document.

As per my employer inputs , I suppose to answer the question for client details like below:
I have aligned project with company and will be woking in employer location and project details give to me once reach to company development center,
if required I may work In client palce depends on project need.

I have few questions before attend interview?

  1. Can I through visa interview without client letter & project details?

  2. My employer is big company and it has strength around 10000?

  3. I don’t have IT returns from my employer too?

Please help me on above questions?

Thank you!!!

  1. It is subjective. At times, the officer is adamant about client/project details and at times they don’t even ask for it.

  2. With big employers, there is lesser chance of officer asking about those documents.

  3. If it is a public firm, then financial details are available online. If not, you can mention that employer hasn’t shared his financial details w/ you. Again, if they have 10K employees, then officer has less chance of suspecting employer’s stability.

Do you know if there are other employees who attended interview recently. If yes, then how did they do?