H1B - Visa Interview June 28th(Appointment scheduled in March)

I Need help to determine if it is advisable to go for Normal H1B stamping at US Consulate(Chennai), Details are given below,

My H1B visa stamping interview is scheduled for June 28th & 29th at Chennai. H1B was approved in the mid of 2020 & Appointment was scheduled in March 2021 after Consulate reopening after first COVID wave.

Currently is Chennai Consulate only allowing H1B stamping under National Interest Exception(NIE) category or is it allowing normal H1B first time stamping also ? Please advice.


Update on my Visa, I have gone for H1B Regular stamping as planned and it got approved. Visa Officer has requested for Approval notice and Client letter which I have provided and they have approved it under NIE. Hope this note of mine helps anyone who is in the same boat. I was thinking about cancelling my appointment initially, but instead I went ahead with my decision and it came good.