H1B Visa Interview Experience - Mumbai, India 2020

Hello Guys,

I had completed by Visa Interview on 13th and 14th Jan 2020.
Below is my feedback.

My Interview slot on both day is 9:15 AM but I reached early at 8:00 AM on both days.

Try to not take any bags or smart devices as they have locker facility but its to expensive.

They Charge 400 INR to keep your smart phone.

1st day I have completed my biometric by 9:00 AM as I reached early.

2nd Day I reached at 8:00 AM and I was in by 8:45 AM as there was no rush as compare to other days.

My Interview completed by 9:45 AM.

Below Questions asked.

  1. Is this your first time?
    Ans: Yes

  2. What is your employer name?
    Ans: Provided by Employer name.

  3. At which location your employer office located?
    Ans: Provided Location of Employer.

  4. What type of work your employer do?
    Ans: Brief about my employer.

  5. What is your highest Education?
    Ans: Provided My Education.

  6. What is your Annual Salary?
    Ans: Provided by Salary.

Your visa is approved.

No documents asked.

and today 16th Jan 2020 I received my passport with Visa Stamp.

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Congratulations ! Thanks for sharing with community !

Thanks Kumar for this forum.