H1B Visa Interview Confusion/Question

Dear Reader,

I have a particular question about the H1B interview.
My petition (software engineer) is filed by a US-based company that provides software development services to US-based clients through offshore companies in Asia (My current employer is one of those companies).
The petitioner has 10 US-based employees (primarily sales and business analysts). My LCA states (page 3 picture attached) that I will NOT be placed with a secondary entity at the place of employment. The employment place is the office of my petitioner.
My real work as a software engineer will be mostly helping multiple existing and new clients with software analysis, development, testing, and troubleshooting. Most of the workers for those clients will be working from the offshore location, whereas I will be their point of contact in the US for coordination with the offshore teams.
As per page 3 of LCA, my LCA falls under the in-house category, but the company does not have a product. I need your advice on tactfully handling this situation during the interview.
Which documents (related to in-house/client project subject matter) I must take with me when appearing for an interview?

Service providers may not have their own product, for e.g. managed network service providers or WAN service provider. Service providers may still hire full time employees for supporting their customers so based on the explanation you provided about your job, it almost seems like your company is providing consulting services and may not need to have any product to prove you are a full time employee working to support their customers.

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