H1B Visa Interview at singapore

Hello All,

I will be attending h1b visa interview in singapore.

I have been working in singapore since 6 years and i have already been to us consulate for B1/B2 visa interview in 2018 and got it aprroved, now am going for H1B visa interview.

I have a doubt regarding the below question

"Are you applying in the same country where the visa above was issued

Is this country your principal country of residence? "

Am indian citizen , am wondering what will be my principle country of residence.

As the country is same as previous visa issued and not sure about principle country of residence.


Hi Baps.

Can you please share your experience with H1B in singapore embassy.
I am planning to attend in Feb 2022


Hello peddi,

You can reach out to be on bapaiah.mandava@gmail.com.