H1B Visa Interview 221(G) stuck in administrative processing - 2019

Hi All,

Had interview in US consulate Chennai on 9th July 2019 with family (spouse, 2 kids) below was the conversation happened in the consulate and finally issued a 221(g).

Questions from Consulate Officer (US Person)

Hi All,

Had interview in US consulate Chennai on 9th July 2019 with family (spouse, 2 kids) below was the conversation happened in the consulate and finally issued a 221(g).

Questions from Consulate Officer (US Person)

1.What is the company you are going to work in US?
my company name provided
2. What’s your company basically do
Software services company providing solutions for the system integration, software development and application migrations.
3. Who is the end client and what project?
client name provided
4. Can I see the client letter ?
Shown the my company in US offer letter
And MSA with xxx client
5. What is your company website ?
Provided the URL
6. How many employees in your company?
150+ in US
7. Can I see the project description ?
Shown and handover the SoW doc

Asked to wait – and I have waited for 1 hour and called by Consulate officer (Indian)

1. What project you are going to work?
abcd for client
2. What is client
Also explained about
3. Are you going to work for internal project or client project ?
Client project
4. When you are in B1 you did mentioned you are working for internal projects
Yea, those are all poc what develop for the PoC to get projects in Pipeline and based on those PoC during my B1, we won this project and the project is in Development in offshore.
5. Is PoCs u did are tool or ?? what it is really about ?
NO, it’s a baseline application or skeleton for any domain/client specific requirements.
6. How long you are working with ?
4 years in India
7. Are you going to work in Location or office, what percentage ?
texas office , 100% in location
8. How many people are working in this project in ?
In offshore 8 and in US 2
9. Are they work in client location in US or ?
10. What you are specialized in ?
I have around 14 year’s experience in Microsoft Web Application Development and Migration projects.
Worked in multiple enterprise level Application migration in my current and previous tenures.
11. Why you have to be in US for this project ?
Persons who are in client location are account specific role, so I am leading the offshore team and any project development related demos, requirement analysis and development are delayed due to that constraint. So I need be in office to support the person in Client location and offshore team.
12. Can’t you do the same thing here in India ?
No, I have been from the design phase of this project, my presence will have good progress on the project development.
Also I will be doing some hands on development support when I will be in US.

Asked to wait for – 15 minutes waited – called by the same consulate officer (US person) and issued with 221 G blue slip with no document requested and she did mentioned that case is hold for administrative processing and returned all of our passports.

Any suggestions/help/comment are appreciated. CEAC site shows “Administrative processing”

Client got call on 18 July 2019 from USCIS for the background check on employer and employee relation.

Got email from Chennai Consulate on 1st August 2019 afternoon to submit my passport, so submitted on next day @ chennai VAC nungambakkam.

Waiting for the passport.

Well, in general 221g is a very tricky thing and there is no estimate time. It can take few weeks or months…The positive sign is that they called your Client…Depending on what your client has answered and the overall application they would decide…But, many are stuck there. Check 221g Tracker to get an idea

6/Aug - The current status of your passport is Delivered To Post.
7/Aug - The current status of your passport is Origination Scan.
7/Aug - The current status of your passport is In Transit From Post.

Totally accepted, but on realistic client this process is straight forward.

Sure, do update the community here on the final status once you have it approved.

9/Aug - Recieved passports with stamping for all of us.

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Congrats @Solairaja_Asaithambi, Glad to hear ! If you dont mind, can you share the copy of Blue Slip with community here by removing the personal info on it, if any for everyone benefit.