H1B VISA Initiation

Hi all,

I am in H4 VISA now. I have a plan to initiate H1B VISA. But am in a confused state , Whether i am applicable candidate for H1B or not. My Qualification and experience are as follows:

1.I have did my U.G in Batchelor of Computer Apllication(3 years degree)

2.My work experience in software company is around 2 years 9 months.

I came to know the prerequisite qualification for H1B VISA is 4 years equivalent US degree. The regulation allows us to combine the work experience also i.e., 3yrs experience=1 year degree.

But in my case am lacking 3 months of experience(3 yrs experience=1 year degree,my case is like 2 year 9 months). So please come up with ur ideas and comments. In case am not elligible for H1B what are all the other options to proceed with. Thank You in advance.

Your question is answering itself. You need to attain the remaining work experience to proceed. There is no work around for it.

Alternatively, join a local community college and complete one year course(like a PG diploma in your related field of study)