H1B Visa got Yellow slip and passport returned

VO: Give me your petition documents

Me: Handed over petition documents

VO: What role are you travelling for?

Me: Told details as per specialty occupation documents

VO: How long are you married?

Me: I said in years

As I was very confident about my petition documentation so I was expecting that VO would say Visa Approved

Instead after last questions VO kept typing for 5/7 mins

After 5 mins I was given white informative paper US laws, info etc.

After 2 mins I was given yellow slip with three checkboxes marked, basically I was asked for Client Letter and Client contractual documents

However since I have already submitted all these documents as part of RFE process and got approval

I was trying to explain her that I have all these documents physically with me however VO said send it over email

After about week I got passport without Visa stamped and this time with Green slip marked with “Additional Administrative Processing”

Any idea how much time this will take?

Any similar cases of 221g and success stories ?

  1. You should have included the Client letter etc in the documents that you have initially handed over to the Visa officer at the counter(I know that you have submitted them as a part of the recent RFE on the same petition, you should give them each time they had their significance.
    Imagine, you have ordered food, the restaurant told you to go and find your curry, chutney, daal, somewhere in the hotel, its not what you like right?).
  2. The reason for Admin processing is may be due to some questions or open issues on your original petition, RFE and the docs that you have submitted at the interview with some data mismatching or something related. They will inquire them with USCIS and once confirmed, they may grant you the visa. It takes time.

Hello thanks for your reply…
I wanted to keep it precise and hence upon asked petition documents I gave only petition documents
However upon given yellow slip I immediately told VO I have Client Letter with me should I give you, VO said no send it over email
So I clearly told VO that I have Client Letter
Hoping for best

The officer didn’t account for RFE process and was not able to backtrack whatever he typed while you waited. This is the reason why he said ‘send it over email’ instead of saying ‘sorry I didn’t know we already had it’. You should be approved in less than 3 weeks unless the employer gets red flagged for unrelated reasons but That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Hello All,

I have received email from ustraveldocs mumbai to submit passport for me and my family
I have also been asked to submit photocopy of I797 form and 221g slip I have received along with email print out
I am writing some of lines from email as below
We are ready for final processing. Please submit your passport, copy of your I-797 and 221(g) letter to the General via any of the 11 document delivery locations
Please note that this email communication does not confirm that your visa is issued at this time.

Am I going to get my Visa stamped ?
I checked Status is still Administrative Processing !
Not sure what is going to happen as its not mentioned in email that Visa is Approved

most likely YES, will be stamped

Hello All,

My status changed to Issued now
Prior to this couple of days back I had got email to submit passports
Now waiting for passports to come with Visa Printed

Does this mean now finally I will get my passport with Visa printed over it ?

Hi Shankar, what is the reason behind this. I am in same boat as Vishal . i had all the hard copies but was asked to send the documents electronically , the reason VO gave is to maintain them in the system and it would be linked to my profile. wondering how much time this will take .One week has already passed. I attended interview on 10 th sep

Hi Sandeep

Is ur visa apporved?
How many weeks did it take for Consulate to approve?