H1B Visa. Got Pink Slip.What does it mean

Hello Experts,

I attended H1B (BEP) Visa Interview on 8th Jan 2013 in Chennai. VO asked simple questions like my deisgnaition, role and client name. I answered them to the best of my capability. Then he said everything looks ok but we need to do some additional administrative processing and gave me one pink slip. Then I have been asked to move to another counter where one Indian Lady asked details of my Siblings (Name, Age, Location) and measured my height. I am clueless what my height has got to do with it… They took my passport and confirned DS 160 and nothing else. Original H1B petition is with me only. They said I will get to know after 4 weeks. But content of pink slip is really worrying (saying one needs to wait 90 days and then follow up).

Kindly shed some light over and let me know what do you think can happen in my case.Yes I do have common muslim name and this is fresh H1B stamping.

Are they going to do name check. Since Indian Lady didnt ask anything other than sibling details and height. Also they didnt ask for any other documents to produce.(Pink slip contains only case number). What do you guys think how long do I need to wait

Thanks in Advance

My first guess is name check b/c of your name. Pink slips are usually resolved in 3-8 weeks, but in some cases it can take longer as well. Anyways, you need to wait for them to complete the processing and can track the status online using the case number on the pink slip.

I believe every case is different and 3-8 weeks are general wait time. What do you think (from your past experience) in my case how much time they will take. What was the point for asking height?

Like I said, most of the pink slips are resolved in 3-8 weeks, but some can take longer. I read few cases last year when common Muslim name took few months to resolve.

They may have asked for height to use it as an identifier (when you have a name that’s commonly used).

Hi Saurabh,

Need your expert views again. Today status updated date has been modified to “Status Updated Date: 16-Jan-2013” . But Still it says Administrative Processing. Do you have any idea what does it mean? Thanks in advance

They may have updated some information in the background but as they don’t show the details of the case, its still showing up as Admin. Processing. One can guess that they are making progress, but its not possible to gauge it.

Does it mean they will be giving the clearance soon

One can only guess if the progress is towards approval or rejection.

Hi Saurabh,

Today I see status as “Issued” on the CEAC website. But on the pdf it is still showing “Pending Processing”. Which one to trust? pdf also got updated today.

The two systems don’t seem to be synced. Wait for few days to see if the pdf gets updated as they may have a cut-off to update different cases in the pdf.

IMO, if the CEAC website shows issued, then your number will soon be approved in the pdf as well.

But it surely mean my visa is approved…right?

Yes, I will interpret issued as approved. You can search online for other people who may have experienced similar updates.

Hey guys,

Interview Date : December 13th.

Common Muslim Name : Yes

Got Pink Slip and its more than 6 weeks now and there are no updates from the CEAC site. I was able to wait this long and now my patience is wearing out.

Need your advices guys.

Also is there anyone with pink slip on Dec 13th?

P.S - my experience in the interview is the same as above ( Height, Siblings… ) .