H1b visa for H1b petition with COS and approval rate

Hi Saurabh/Team,

My H1b petition is approved with COS change effective 1 Oct. Currently, I am on L1 and my project may get over in two months. My question are

  1. Can i apply for Visa as petition was filled with COS?

  2. My friends are suggesting that not to go back as visa approval rate is too low. is it true? My employer is one of fortune 100 companies, does it change visa approval chances?

Thanks in Advance


My recommendation is to continue your stay in US if possible

  1. You need not go for VISA stamping as long as you are in US. If you intend to go out of US, you need to get H1B stamped on your passport to re-enter.

    1. VISA approval depends on each case. Usually, delays and/or rejections are mostly for EVC kind of employment models where multiple layers are there. In such cases, you need to prove the employee-employer relationship. If you are a direct employee of a big company, I think you have a very good chance of getting the VISA.


I will be direct employee of big company. So chance of VISA approval are higher right?
Also, is it good idea to get Visa stamping done before joining or after joining?

Thanks for info…


Yes, chances of approval are high.
Stamping VISA before joining or after joining doesn’t really matter. I don’t think that will have any effect on the outcome of your VISA stamping.