H1B Visa Extension

Hello All

I got my H1B Visa stamped on Sep 2013 from chennai consulate . However i had better offer in Dubai and i have been staying in Dubai for 2.5 years.

My H1B is valid till Sep 2016 and now iam planning to move to USA. My employer is OK with my arrival and he wants me to travel asap to avoid hassle. They are planning to extend my visa for another 3 years upon arrival. Its for the same project same client. No LCA change.

  1. Will there be any questioning at the port of entry as i didnot use my visa for 2.5 years?

  2. Is it ok to travel in H1B with a validity of just 3 months?

You can travel on that petition and visa. Carry recently dated documents like employment offer letter, client project letter etc.

If asked about delay you can mention your work in Dubai taking precedence.

One red flag that I see is that you will be using same client. The officer may ask why client was willing to wait for 2.5 years and didn’t hire anyone else in between. This may cause suspicion that client/project is a fake one.

Thanks for replying

Client didnot wait for me and the project kicked off on schedule and i was supporting from Dubai part time

Now iam planning to join onsite team full time and iam gonna say this to the officer if the question is raised

Is it okay to say the truth?

Yes. You should reply truthfully with this response, if asked.