H1B Visa Extension - Minimum no. of days in US to apply for it


I have my H1B its valid till 30-Oct-2013 and I94 is also 30-Oct-2013 and right now I’m in India. As worst case when I should be there in US to extend my H1B. Please suggest.

Is there are any Minimum no. of days to be there in US to apply for an extension?


Could I apply for extension by before 30-oct-2013?



Before filing the extension petition, there is some pre-work required like new LCA ceertification, LCA posting, I-129 preparation etc.

If your employer keeps all this ready beforehand, then it can be filed even 1 day prior to current I-94 expiration date. However, it is best to keep some buffer. I would say have all those pre-work done and enter at most 1 week prior to expiration date (i.e. the worst case scenario).

Thanks Saurabh !

LCA posting is almost done…