H1B visa extension - eligibility for dropbox

Hi all,

My H1B visa actually expired on September 15, 2019 according to the I-797 approval notice. But because my passport expired in May 2018, the visa stamping had the expiry date to be May 2018.

I applied for H1B extension and got the approval notice.
So, when I go back to India for stamping on my new passport, will I be eligible for the drop box?

Because, according to the visa stamp on my expired passport it has been more than 12 months, but according to I-797 it is not.


You need to look at the actual Visa Stamping Expiration Date for dropbox, I mean as in Sample US Visa …I read that it is over 12 months for that…So, you would not be eligible.
Your I-797 approval expiration does not matter. The system will ask you for the details and suggest you, if you are eligible for dropbox…