H1B Visa Extension and Dropbox

Hi ,

My question is related to H1 stamping after extension is approved.

  1. I had filled a DS160 and paid the fees for my H1B stamping appointment where I had to travel to india based on my I797 which was valid till 02/2022. My H1 extension was pending at that time and I never went to india.
  2. Now my Extension is approved and I have a new I797 which is valid till 12/2024 .
    In this situation, if I need to travel to india, do I need to fill the DS-160 form again, and pay the fees again? Or I can just schedule a dropbox appointment and give my new and old I-797s as documents
    Is DS160 tied to the I797?


Yes, you must fill and submit a new DS160 with the latest I797/I94 you received after extension was approved.

If you paid the fee but never booked an appointment, your fee will still be valid. In fact it will be valid till Sep 2023. You may book appointment using the same fee receipt.