H1B Visa Expired - DS-160 Filed with Current Employer I-797 Petition - New Employer H1B Transfer Petition in Process

I am currently located in US working for Company A with a valid petition till August 2nd, 2018 and my H1B VISA Expired as of August 2017. I plan to travel to India in January 2018 during which I plan to renew my H1B Visa. After I submitted my DS-160 and Visa Renewal application I received an offer from Company B which I have Accepted and they have initiated my H1B Visa Transfer process. I expect to get an I-797 Approval Notice by the time I will be in India. I plan to work for my old employer (current) for some more time after returning from India and then join the new employer. Which documents should I use for my H1B Renewal. Old petition or New petition (Please note that I would like to work with my current (old) employer for some time after returning before joining new employer.